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Admin Code of Ethics

1. We will conduct ourselves in line with ethical guidelines set by Day by Day Support Services. Admins will only interact with members during their working hours with Day by Day Support Services and during activities organised by the organisation. Admins are not permitted to engage in interactions with members outside their working hours or agreed activities set by the organisation. Interaction with members is on a professional basis only.

2.      We will strive to create a safe place that will allow any individual to explore anything in life that they find difficult.

3.      We will take each individual who asks for help and accept them without any judgement and for who they are as a human being.

4.      We are committed to safeguarding the well-being of its members. Admins will show respect and understanding to both the members and other admins.

5.      We will maintain the highest standards of personal conduct which includes respecting the rights, dignity and worth of each member.

6.      All information shared by members with the admin team is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.

a.      Information that is stored is encrypted and only available to the admin team.

b.      Please note that where a member is engaged in one to one support (via a private message known as a “PM”) and indicates their life is at risk, the admin team have a moral obligation to protect that member. As a result, we may need to pass on some information about that member to other professional services such as the police, ambulance service, fire department, or the members own support network. This will be communicated to the member.

7.      Where an admin has reason to believe the life of a member they are engaged with is at risk, the admin will ask the member to make a “safety contract” with them. This is an agreement or promise from the member to the admin and Day by Day Support Services that they will stay safe. Once this agreement is made, the admin will work with the member to come up with a safety plan which the member can use to ensure they keep their safety contract.

8.      We endeavour to be 100% honest with all members.

9.      We will take all feedback from members and the general public on board and action it within our means providing it is in line with our ethical standards.

10.  We will always continue to work on our own professional growth.

a.      This includes keeping up to date on best practices in mental health via training, reading or research to ensure information provided to members is up to date and relevant.

11.  We will take responsibility for our own actions and continually strive to demonstrate competence.

a.      We will be aware of the limitations of our own competencies. Sometimes other admins may be better suited to working with certain members based on their area of expertise.

b.      The admin team reserve the right to limit a member’s peer to peer or one to one support time where a member’s health appears to be affected by their interactions / time spent in peer to peer or one to one support. Decisions of this nature will be discussed with the member.

12.  We will comply with the policies and procedures set out for Day by Day Support Services and clearly distinguish those from our own personal views.

a.      We will be mindful of how our own experiences and attitudes can influence our interactions with members. We will use this awareness to create a setting free from bias.